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Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
모델명 4155C
제작 업체명, 국가 Agilent, 미국
기능 Device의 전원인가 시 나타나는 특성파악
담당자 송인협, tel: 02-944-6026
email: lxlpromise@seoultp.or.kr
⦁10 femtoamp and 0.2 microvolt measurement resolution
⦁QSCV, Stress Mode, Knob-sweep, and Stand-by functions
⦁+/- 100 Volts and +/- 100m Amp Medium-Power SMU

Triaxial connection
Medium Power SMU, 3ea(10fA/2㎶ to 100mA/100V)
Library : 3 terminal MOSFET, QSCV, p-n junction..

Electrical measurement of semiconductor